Here’s What Customers Are Saying about Arctica Displays

“Having two major capital expenditures integrated into one source was a distinct advantage for me. I had used Arctica Showcases previously and liked their cases, but they continue to make noticeable engineering advancements to make the cases better.”

– Rob Wheeler, Owner of Hot Oven Bakery
“Presentation is a bakery’s number one marketing tool- everything has to look great, and it’s also critical that the cases preserve freshness to the highest degree. That research led us to Arctica, and that decision is made on experience.”

– Raul Porto, Owner of Porto’s Bakery
“Jugo Juice stands for healthy alternatives. In 2006 the objective was to increase our products to include healthy sandwiches and wraps. We needed to ensure that we showcased these products and maintained maximum freshness.”

– Ronnie Olstad, Project Manager
“It is imperative that we have the best refrigerated showcase to display and maintain the freshness of our food. Though we are an Asian based company our choice was clear.”

– Chris Dendwick , Vice President of Development (Umi Sushi)
“When we went to open our newest market, we were not only impressed with the quality and features of Arcticas Showcases, but the level of service they provided us. With all the other issues we needed to deal with, it was great working with a partner who was helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating. No matter what changes we needed made, questions we had (and still have), the level of service was nothing less than stellar.”

– Elis Droubi, General Manager – eatZi’s
“It is imperative that we have the best refrigerated showcase to display and maintain the freshness of our food. Since we have installed Arctica Showcases, our sales have maintained a 18- 20% increase and our product shrink has gone done. The return on investment was about 18 months.”

– Greg Keller, Owner of Bon Ton Meats
“We have first purchased our low volume Arctica showcases in 1990. They served us very well. We started with two dry, one hot case, and one cold case.”

“In 2004 we moved to an new location and expanded our showroom. Arctica helped us revamp our old cases and we were able to work them into our showroom layout. We also added another cold case, Pie tower, one 16 pan gelato case, and one chocolate case. Arctica helped us with ideas to change our facer-boards to match and our showroom turned out beautiful. We really like our low volume cases and have always had excellent service from Arctica.”

– Rhonda Atwood (Atwood’s Bakery)
“Arctica provides solutions, not just display cases. I will definitely be using Arctica on my future stores, my business is simply too important to risk using anyone else.”

“I came back to Arctica after experimenting with another supposed ‘high end’ display case company. Arctica and the sales reps care about our business: Arctica is not just another display case company, Arctica provides solutions. I will definitely be using Arctica on my future stores, my business is simply too important to risk anyone else!”

– Clyde Ripka, Owner Bull’s Head Market
“Arctica designs and builds the best merchandiser I could find. Customers compliment us every day on how mouth-watering our foods look and how inviting the environment is.”

“Arctica’s cases are the most important piece of equipment in my location. Every day my customers tell me how terrific our food looks. Arctica’s design team is helping me plan my next location to ensure the same level of success.”

– Jason Zaran, Owner, The Main Dish
“Love the case, we have bought a few of them now and they perform exceptionally well.”

“We provide higher end premium food to go, so it has to look great and taste exceptional.”

“… the showcase is the platform. We worked with Arctica and raisd the case up about six inches to have the visual presentation closer to the customer.” The lighting with this case is exceptional for bringing out the true color of the food.”

“People eat with their eyes, -so they make decisions based on what they see.”

“We are growing and planning a new store and it’s one thing to have a great product that tastes incredible and we have that, but it also has to look as good as it tastes and we have that with the Arctica showcase.”

“Beautiful, simple & functional”

– Paul Morissette, Fresh Kitchen
“Approachable, Accessible & Appropriate for interaction”

– Lee Cookson, Red Tree Catering
“The millwork and showcases are beautiful and people that are in and out (contractors, folks for interviews, etc) have been floored by how beautiful it all looks.”

“The Cayuga team delivered from soup to nuts interpretation of our design. Their work encompassed the most beautiful millwork and cutting edge design from the efficiency of air curtain reach-in units to the small town “country market” ambience we were looking to create.”

“Cayuga was instrumental not only in the design of the pieces, but they also networked with the perfect local installers to address out unique challenges.”

“The compliments from clients and customers prove to us daily that it was the right choice to partner with the folks at Cayuga.”

– Miki (Dolma) Johanison, Organic Market & Holistic Center of Poolesville
“Edelweiss was one of Arctica’s first customers, in 1987, when they purchased cases for a small deli in a retail mall location. Since then they’ve developed a large and loyal customer base and their business has flourished. In 2000 they built a 6,000 sq. ft. facility in Calgary, Alberta, including a 60-seat restaurant.”

“The original cases, now 20 years old, still perform as well as the new cases and the entire line-up matches seamlessly.”

“We know something’s working well when we hear people say how nice the display looks. And that means the food has to look good, plus the case has to present well. Arctica, your case does its part so well, our job is easier all around. We know we’ll buy from you again, but if these cases last as long as the others, you won’t hear from us anytime soon!”

– Herb and Renet Schuster, Owners of Edelweiss
“The process you have with your design and production people; we explored all the options. You worked with us throughout the project, provided new ideas and challenged us with questions and talked to the staff who would be using the fixtures”

“The result far surpassed our expectations”

– Dan Stezenko, owner, quality market
“I am definitely sold on these Arctica display cases.”

“Everything looks so good that PEOPLE ARE BUYING WITH THEIR EYES.”

“The cases really help enhance the beauty of our cakes and pastries.”

When asked whether he has noticed less product shrinkage and or extended lifespan of his products he said?
“I can’t tell; everything is selling so well out of these cases, they don’t last long enough to shrink or spoil.”

“I’m very impressed with the amount of volume in these cases” “There is so much more room and distance between the rows of shelving than my previous cases.”

“The cases are much more open and visible and the customers are loving what they see.”

“I am an advocate of your cases. If you have someone who is interested in buying them you can give them my phone number and I will gladly tell them about these cases.”

“The cases are working great. All the products are staying nice and cold and dry.”

“The showcases look great and the fact that there hasn’t been any condensation on the glass means that our products are showing and selling well!”

– Gerardo’s

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