Festival Foods - Dump Table Roll-out

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Festival Foods

Project Summary

A while ago, we were asked by Festival Foods to help them with a new program they were launching: “10 for $10”. They were hoping to introduce various items throughout the store for impulse buys. An on-floor bin instead of typical shelving merchandising would create more impact because the product is more visible and “interrupts” the customer.


They needed a cost effective yet attractive “dump” bin that could be used throughout their 38+ stores. It needed to be mobile and flexible enough to be used in a variety of departments and they didn’t want it to look “me too”.
Additionally, to keep costs down, they asked if it could be shipped flat packed to each store individually on pallets. The challenge would be to ensure each of the 38 stores could assemble this new bin merchandiser effectively with minimal complications.

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Cayuga took an existing bin design and tweaked it for Festival’s unique requirements. The bin is constructed of quality plywood with a finish coat, wheels plus a wire cage on the top to allow visibility of product.
We knew sending hundred of bins, flat packed on pallets would be a big headache if we didn’t think ahead. We needed to consider the people receiving and assembling these bins: how would they know what to do? How could we make it easy for them?
What did we do? We created a customized instruction package, complete with pictures and written instructions that went with each bin.

However, we all know what we do when we need to figure something out? We go to Youtube! So we shot a very simple video detailing how to assemble these bins, posted it on Cayuga’s Youtube channel with a private link that was sent to all the Festival stores

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Our litmus test for success in these situations is: how many service calls did we receive? Zero.
Success!! AND, subsequently we’ve grown our relationship with Festival significantly. We’re even looking at supplying refrigerated displays to them.

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