Winn-Dixie (Southeastern Grocers): Keeping Cool Under Pressure

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Project Summary

We’ve been supplying various refrigerated displays to Winn-Dixie for some years, including our self-contained refrigerated 4-pod case for produce.

Winn-Dixie Image


This 2 year old refrigerated case was shipped from the SEG warehouse in Florida and delivered to a store location in Louisiana. Unfortunately, the case was accidentally dropped off the transport truck and landed upside down in the parking lot.


Our sales team received a call from the SEG folks explaining their dilemma. Follow-up emails with photos were sent and the Cayuga team got to work on a solution.
Damage was assessed and it was determined exterior wood décor panels, acrylic air ducts and metal inlays would need to be replaced. Possible? Absolutely! All Cayuga Display cases are designed to be easily serviceable, exactly for situations like this (ok…maybe not this severe).

Winn-Dixie Image

Fortunately, during inspection, they plugged in case they found that it was operating perfectly and cooling as it should. All components were operational with no leaks or cracks and the refrigeration was holding temperature.

We received the initial call for help on January 5th and Winn Dixie was up and running with a “like-new” case by February 9.

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Everything is running normally, like nothing happened. To this day we continue to build our business relationship with SEG providing hot food bars, grab’n go cases & fresh meat cases.

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